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Moran Ben Ami, specializing in interior architecture , is a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, specializing in design and design of apartments and the upgrading of properties, private homes and commercial spaces, including plans for building and dividing the space (including demolition plans, construction, plumbing light, floor) and carpentry and costume made details and furniture, for the customer.


I believe that every client has his own uniqueness and from there I draw inspiration from a world that becomes a home in the end. Everything is translated into functions: spaces, rooms walls and design details and furniture in a style that suits the customer, but I maintain the design principles that include: cleanliness and functionality suitable for the specific customer in daily use.

I strive to challenge myself every time, loving and excited about every project, and I work with the goal that the client will provide warmth and comfort while at the same time enjoying and feel excited inside his home each time he enters.

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